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The Basics
The Galaxy
Corp HQ

Guide - Construction

Your Corporate Headquarters can produce any product but only in small quantity. In order to begin to produce large amounts of product you will need to construct other structures. The Corp HQ has a Construction tab, from that screen you can choose a Category of "Structures", a specific structure (A Farm for example) and then an initial product to manufacture (Lets say Wheat!), preferably something that is currently in high demand. You can also give your structure a custom name. You can add several structures to the queue if you like but it is much more efficient to upgrade a single structure then to create several smaller ones.

The cost of the structure will be taken from your current corporate funds during the next turn. If you cannot afford to start all the construction that is queued for the next turn then they will delayed until next turn.

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Once a structure is built it will immediately begin producing the product you specified if appropriate. The base cost to run a level one structure is 1,000 credits per turn. This is modified by the presence of your Corp HQ in the area and by any appropriate Research you have invested in. Structures which produce products can be set to "HALT Production" which will stop producing anything and will lower your upkeep cost to 10% of normal.

Your Corp HQ can also build low level military units such as transports and small spaceships. To build larger units you would need to construct Military Bases for ground units and Shipyards for spaceships. Once these structures are built they can build military units on their own.

Your Corporate Headquarters is also the only structure that can build Items called Automatic Construction Package or ACP for short. These items are how you can build structures in other locations. Currently there is an "(ACP) Structure" item which can be deployed as any kind of mine or facory. There are also seperate ACP items for Shipyard and Military base. Once constructed you will need a military unit with enough cargo capacity to pick it up, transport it and then deploy the item anywhere you choose.

Asset Types

Assets are what make up your entire corporation and determines its net worth. The "Asset" tab is a search engine for all the assets in your corporation displayed in a grid. There are four kinds of assets in the game: Structures, Military, Product, and Items. Structures are what produces and manufactures products in the game. Anything from a Lumber Mill to a Toy Factory is referred to as a Structure and they typically have blue icons to represent them. Military Units have a golden color and represent anything that has a combat value including transports, Infantry, Spaceships (like a Destroyer) and even defenses (like Rail Guns or Shield Generators) which don't move but protect a location. Products that have no been sold yet displayed with a green icons and display a quantity instead of a Level value. Items are special objects in the game, such as Automatic Construction Packages or special artifact items, that are usually deployed by a ship carrying them; they typically have a Fuchsia or Pink color to them.

Below is a list of every asset type in the game


Your Corporate Headquarters

  • Corporate HQ

Resources Structures
These Structures mine raw resources. Also referred to as Tier 1 products. They sell at the same value as thier demand.

  • Farm - 30 different food products
  • Ranch - 10 different meat products
  • Metal Mine - 4 kinds of Metal
  • Lumber Yard - 3 kinds of woods and plants
  • Mineral Quarry - 3 kinds of mineral
  • Chemical Plant - 4 kinds of chemical
  • Water Purification - Produces only water

Component Factories
Creates products from resources that are also used to make other products.
Requires 10 units of varying resources. Produces 10 units of components that are worth 3.25 times the current demand value. Also referred to as Tier 2 products.

  • Alloy Factory - 3 kinds of Alloy
  • Ceramics Factory - 3 kinds of Ceramic
  • Electronics Factory - 3 kinds of Electronics
  • Polymers Factory - 3 kinds of Polymer
  • Power Cell Factory - 3 kinds of Power Cells
  • Fabrics Factory - 3 kinds of Fabric

End Product Factories
Manufacture a final tier of end procucts. Requires 10 units of varying components and produces 10 units of the end product. End Products are worth 7.5 times thier demand value. Also referred to as Tier 3 products.

  • Clothing Factory - 10 kinds of Clothing
  • Contraband Den - 10 kinds of Contraband
  • Toy Factory - 10 kinds of Toys
  • Furnishings Factory - 10 kinds of Furnishings
  • Industrial Factory - 10 kinds of Machinery
  • Gadgets Factory - 10 kinds of Gadgets
  • Synthetics Factory - 10 kinds of Synthetics
  • Vehicle Factory - 10 kinds of Vehicles
  • Construction Factory - 10 kinds of Materials

Civilian Service Structures
Requires components. No products created, sold directly to the city they are in. They sell at 10x times thier demand value. They are referred to as "Service" products.

  • Roads
  • Waste Management
  • Housing
  • Communications
  • Spaceport
  • Business Structure
  • School
  • Hospital
  • Police Station
  • Fire Station
  • Bank
  • College
  • Church
  • Night Club
  • Movie Theatre
  • Park
  • Sports Arena
  • Restaurant
  • Research Facility

Artifact Mining
Special structure that creates artifact items.

  • Research Facility

Military Units and Items

Corp HQ

  • Transport
  • Infantry
  • Commando
  • Mechanized
  • Fortification
  • Military Base
  • Shipyard
  • (ACP) Structure
  • (ACP) Military Base
  • (ACP) Shipyard

Military Base

  • Transport
  • Infantry
  • Commando
  • Mechanized
  • Armored
  • Battlesuit
  • Artillery
  • Fighter
  • Bomber
  • Varitek
  • Fortification
  • Rail Gun
  • Missile Turret
  • Ion Cannon
  • Shields


  • Fighter
  • Bomber
  • Varitek
  • Scout
  • Corvette
  • Freighter
  • Frigate
  • Destroyer
  • Carrier
  • Cruiser
  • Battleship
  • Dreadnought
  • Monolith


Corporate Headquarters - Anything


  • Fruits, Vegetables, Tobacco, Sugar, Cotton


  • Pork, Lamb, Poultry, Fish, Beef

Metal Mine

  • Basic Metals, Precious Metals, Radioactive Metals, Exotic Metals

Lumber Yard

  • Basic Woods, Rare Woods, Exotic Plants

Mineral Quarry

  • Basic Minerals, Precious Minerals, Exotic Minerals

Chemical Plant

  • Basic Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Rare Chemicals, Exotic Chemicals

Water Purification

  • Water

Alloy Factory

  • Basic Alloy, Advanced Alloy, Exotic Alloy

Ceramics Factory

  • Basic Ceramic, Advanced Ceramic, Exotic Ceramics

Electronics Factory

  • Basic Electronics, Advanced Electronics, Experimental Electronics

Polymers Factory

  • Basic Polymer, Industrial Polymer, Exotic Polymer

Power Cell Factory

  • Small Power Cell, Large Power Cell, Experimental Power Cell

Fabrics Factory

  • Basic Fabric, Rare Fabric, Exotic Fabric

Clothing Factory

  • Basic Shoes, Basic Clothing, Sunglasses, Accessories, Work Clothing, Industrial Clothing, Simple Jewelry, Fancy Shoes, Fashionable Clothing, Expensive Jewelry

Contraband Den

  • Illegal Firearms, Hardcore Narcotics, Illegal Cyberwear, Hacking Devices, Simple Narcotics, Dangerous Pets, Recreational Narcotics, Exotic Narcotics, Counterfeit Artwork, Military Cyborgs

Toy Factory

  • Plastic Toys, Stuffed Animals, Board Games, Music Holodiscs, Hover Boards, Video Games, Adult Toys, Sports Equipment, Electronic Toys, Simsense Chips

Furnishings Factory

  • Carpeting, Basic Furniture, Wood Decor, Bedding, Tiling, Stone Decor, Fancy Rugs, Metal Decor, Fancy Furniture, Exotic Decor

Industrial Factory

  • Manufacturing Tools, Industrial Lasers, Industrial Machinery, Industrial Robots, Industrial Computers, Hi-Tech Tools, Hi-Tech Lasers, Hi-Tech Machinery, Hi-Tech Robots, Supercomputers

Gadgets Factory

  • Small Appliances, Lasers, Cellphones, Sound Systems, PDAs, Personal Computers, Viewscreens, Large Appliances, Cyberwear, Personal Droids

Synthetics Factory

  • Cleaning Supplies, Soap, Pesticides, Paint, Cosmetics, Rubber, Vitamins, Fertilizer, Pharmaceuticals, Explosives

Vehicle Factory

  • Hover Bike, Light Trucks, Construction Vehicles, Large Trucks, Economy Cars, Sports Cars, Luxury Cars, Supercars, Personal Aircraft, Personal Spacecraft

Construction Factory

  • Basic Materials, Heavy Materials, Complex Materials

Distribution Center

Research Facility - (Special) Creates Artifact Items

Upgrading Assets

It is far more efficient to upgrade structures and military units then it is to build new ones. Structures, Ground units and Ships can be upgraded to level 10 but upgrades work a little differently for each. These assets are upgraded from their "Manage" tab.

Structures that produce goods are upgraded to increase their productivity. The first few upgrades is similar to building a few more of the same structure but then the upgrades rapidly rise in production increase and efficiency. By level 10 the structure will produce 120 times its normal rate!

Ground Units, which includes Fighters, Bombers and Variteks increase their size and power by orders of magnitude with every upgrade although their upkeep cost only goes up a fraction of that. A level 10 Mechanized unit is as powerful as 100 level 1 units.

Ships however upgrade a little differently. You must select which attribute of the ship will increase when it is upgraded. The different attributes are described below:

  • Movement - Increases ship movement by 20%
  • Hit Points - Increases hit points by 20%
  • Attack - Increases Attack by 20%
  • Cargo - Increases cargo capacity by 20%
  • Hangar - Increases hangar capacity by 20%

The upgrade cost is 10% of the units cost and the upkeep per turn is increased by 10% per level as well. At level 10 the unit will cost twice as much as normal but could potentially be 3x as powerful in a given attribute.

Structure Upgrades Military Upgrades Ship Upgrades
LevelValueOutputSizeHitsUpgrade CostTurns
Corporate HQ Upgrades
LevelOutputSizeHitsUpgrade CostTurns

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