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Guide - Combat

Combat does not necessarily resolve instantaneously on a single turn, often fights last several turns allowing players to react with new units showing up or retreating which can greatly complicate strategies. Every unit type in the game has an attack value against every other unit type in the game, a combat matrix is displayed below. Different units have greatly varied combat values against the other types of units in the game. Mechanized units have a high value against infantry units but a low value against armored tanks for example. When two forces collide, all the attack values for all the different unit types are totaled and applied as hit point damage to those unit types on the opposing side.

Unit Attributes

All military units have similar attributes. hen units are placed in groups or fleets, that group or fleet shows a combined sum of certain attributes but in an actual combat each unit will fight individually.

This is how many hit points the unit has. When a unit is damaged to zero it is destroyed.

The effective attack bonus of the unit. Normally 100% for an undamaged level 1 unit which means the unit will do the damage listed in the combat matrix. When ground units are leveled up and increase in size they act as 5x, 10x etc. They can also be upgraded with artifacts that can increase their firepower. This attribute shows the muiltiplier that can be applied to the combat matrix to determine how much actual damage the unit it will do.

The maximum cargo space of the unit. Product is normally 1 cargo per quantity. Items can range from 100 cargo to several thousand for larger ones.

This is the size of the unit when it comes to hangar capacity of another unit trying to load it. A size 50 unit won’t be able to be loaded onto a carrier that only has, say, 20 hangar remaining. Size is also used to determine what percentage of enemy fire the unit will draw to itself in a battle. Larger units have more of the damage come their way.

How many spaces per turn a unit will move in a straight line. It should be noted that units only move in a straight line in a single turn. Units need to stop and "turn" somewhere along the way when moving between two locations that are not in a straight line.

How much size worth of units this unit can load into its hangar. Hangered units will fight with the carrier automatically and do not need to be unloaded unless transporting them to another planet. There are some ground units that will not fight with the carrier if taking place "In Space". You cannot hangar units that have their own cargo. That cargo must be dropped off before that unit can be loaded onto a carrier.

Unit Size In Combat

There is a major consideration which affects these combat values which involves the size of units and how many units there are. The larger the units are, by their size attribute, the higher percentage of the total damage they draw to themselves. A unit that is size 8 defending with another unit that is size 2 will draw 80% of the "fire" while the other takes 20%. Also, if a single unit engages 2 other units that first units damage values will be divided amongst both of them. This is further complicated by the fact that the bigger unit is probably of a different unit type then the smaller one and different totals are involved.

(click to enlarge)

For example, a Destroyer attacks fighters with a value of 100 but attacks a Battleship at a value of 20. If this Destroyer attacks a single fighter squad it will apply 100 damage to it. If it attacks 2 fighter squads of the same size they will each take 50 damage. And if this destroyer attacks a single Battleship it will apply 20. However if it attacks a fighter unit, which has as size of 1 and a battleship with a size of 4 at the same time (Thats a total of 5 size), the battleship will take 80% of its attack vs. battleships (20 x 80% = 16 damage) and 20% of its attack damage vs fighters (100 x 20% = 20 damage) will go to the fighters. The Battleship drew most of the destroyers fire and Destroyers don't hit Battleships very hard, the result is the destroyer dealt out only 36 damage total.

Had there been a lot more fighters, say a size 36 fighter unit (36 plus 4 for battleship makes 40 size total), the destroyer would of sent 90% of it fire toward the fighters doing 90 damage. Part of the strategy of protecting soft targets vs. their counter units is to swarm your force with something the enemy force is not efficient against but will be forced to send the majority of it attention towards in a fight.

Another example would be a dreadnought that does very well against large ships but very poorly vs. fighter craft. It would be beneficial to add large fighter squads, which don’t do much damage to a dreadnought either, to a force of big ships in order to distract a dreadnoughts firepower into units it does not do well against so the bigger ships can have a chance to deal their damage. Also note that ships which are traveling over a planet is considered to be in the same area as the ground units when it comes to attacks and are vulnerable to them.

Ground Battle vs Space Battle

Any battle fought "over land" is considered a ground battle, even if its mostly ships. Anything outside the red border shown on a planet viewscreen with the "Overlay" checkbox checked is considered "In Space". There is almost no difference between Space and Ground fights except that certain hangar units will not participate at all in a Space Fight. Mechanized, Armored and Artillery, for example, can be loaded onto the hangar of a carrier for transport and will fight with the carriers in a ground fight but if the battle takes place in space those units will ignored as if they didn’t exist.

Repairing Units

Damaged units automatically repair themselves at a rate of 1% per turn. When at the location of a Military Base (ground units) or Shipyard (Ships) the repair rate goes up 0.1% per highest level structure. For example, if a level 5 Military Base is present the repair rate for the units there is 1.5% a turn.

There is a cost to repair units which is set to 0.2% of the units value per turn. That equates to 20% of the units total value if repaired from 1% to 100% over 100 turns.

When units are destroyed they are automatically salvaged for half of their value.

Guarding and Coordinated Attacks

You can set any military unit, except defenses, to Guard another corporation, guild or the entire location they are in through the "Guard" order. If the appropriate corporation guild or anything is attacked in that units location it will join the fight on the defending side and do damage as a single group. Several corporations can all guard a location and defend it as a single force.

To attack as a single force you must issue the exact same attack order as everyone else you want to attack with. All corporations with identical attack orders in the same location will attack as single group. This means that if a group is trying to attack a single corporation then you all must set the attack against that single corporation. If one of the corps sets their attack order to the entire location or a guild instead, even if there is only one corporation to attack, it will be considered a separate fight entirely and they will battle the entire enemy force in thier own combat alone. Combat damage is applied at the end of the turn all at once after all combats have been applied. If several corporations are set to attack an entire guild or location, then they will combine as one also. You can join an existing fight that has gone on for several turns this way too.

Escorting Group and Fleets

The "Guard" order has an option to "Escort" another group or fleet in another corporation as an ally. This is similar to the Guard order but it allows your units to actually follow another group in another corporation and fight with them if they engage in any combat. Several corporations can escort a single group to create an armada of units that is essentially controlled by one Flagship Corporation. In order to escort a group or fleet, that group must allow other units to escort it from the groups Manage tab.


When issuing an attack order there is an option to make the attack a "Raid". A Raid is used to steal products at the location while only attacking at half power. You can choose to raid anything available or prioritize a category or specific product you want to steal. The product will be transferred to the cargo bays of the raiding units. You will steal a quantity equal to your raiding groups combined Military Power (i.e. 8000 power = 8000 quantity) but if your combined military power is lower than the defenders military power, the amount you can raid will be reduced by the percentage difference between you and your target. For example if you have 8000 power but you are raiding a location that has 40,000 power in defense (you are 20% of their power) you will only be able to steal 20% of your max (8,000 x 20% = 1,600) in a single turn.

The raid order will continue to raid every turn until there are no more products to raid even if the enemy forces have been wiped out or if your cargo bay has been filed. If you raid an undefended location, one with no military power units, your raid will ignore your military power limit and fill your cargo hold in one turn with whatever quantity is available. You will only raid for one type of product per turn however, even when set to raid anything.

Military Level Upgrades

It is far more efficient to upgrade structures and military units then it is to build new ones. Structures, Ground units and Ships can be upgraded to level 10 but upgrades work a little differently for each. These assets are upgraded from their "Manage" tab.

Ground Units, which includes Fighters, Bombers and Variteks increase their size and power by orders of magnitude with every upgrade although their upkeep cost only goes up a fraction of that. A level 10 Mechanized unit is as powerful as 100 level 1 units.

Ships however upgrade a little differently. You must select which attribute of the ship will increase when it is upgraded. The different attributes are described below:

  • Movement - Increases ship movement by 20%
  • Hit Points - Increases hit points by 20%
  • Attack - Increases Attack by 20%
  • Cargo - Increases cargo capacity by 20%
  • Hangar - Increases hangar capacity by 20%

Tables describing the upgrades are below:

Military Upgrades Ship Upgrades
LevelSizeUnit ValueUpgrade CostTurns

A matrix showing all combat values is below:

Rail Gun2002401201202403003003006060603030252525303025303010010010010020100100100
Missile Turret2001502102106060606030030027015015010101010555500000000
Ion Cannon2000000000609060456025025025025025025025025000000000
Military Base500101010101010101010101010101010101010101000000000

A grid showing all units base attributes is below:

 Unit TypePowerMoveSizeHitsCostUpkCTimeCargoHangarFSpaDetails
Transport 1 31 100 20k 10 20 500 0 Basic transportation unit. Virtually no combat power but cheap and efficient land based transport.
Infantry 10 11 100 25k 12 20 20 0 A group of soldiers with standard equipment. Versatile on the ground against soft targets.
Commando 12 11 100 30k 15 20 0 0 Specialized infantry designed to destroy structures.
Mechanized 20 31 120 100k 50 25 100 0 Light armored vehicles. Effective against infantry types.
Armored 50 22 300 150k 75 30 0 0 Main battle tanks. Durable and efficient but vulnerable to air attacks.
Battlesuit 80 21 200 175k 87 35 0 0 Large mechanized suits designed for assault. Effective vs most other ground types and moderate vs air.
Artillery 50 21 100 300k 150 30 0 0 Powerful long range guns effective against ground targets and large ships but very vulnerable.
Fighter 100 61 100 500k 250 40 0 0 Standard fighters effective vs most soft targets and can fight in space.
Bomber 150 51 120 600k 300 45 0 0 Very effective vs ground targets and large ships. Vulnerable to fighters.
Varitek 200 61 100 750k 375 50 0 0 Transforming Fighters that are nearly as effective as Battlesuits also. Counters fighters.
Scout 100 2020 150 250k 125 25 500 1 Small and fast courier ship. Limited combat ability.
Corvette 250 1630 250 500k 250 30 500 0 Small and fast warship. Effective vs other small targets.
Freighter 10 1050 500 500k 250 40 5k 0 Large freighter designed to carry a lot of cargo. Vulnerable in combat.
Frigate 400 1540 1.2k 4m 2000 40 3k 5 Large lightly armed warship with large cargo bay.
Destroyer 500 1540 1.6k 8m 4000 50 1k 0 Medium warship very effective vs small craft. Counters fighters.
Carrier 150 1260 2.4k 16m 8000 125 5k 100 Large ship for carrying other units and fighters. Limited combat ability.
Cruiser 1k 1280 3k 25m 12k 150 2k 10 Fast capital ship effective against most targets. Vulnerable to large capital ships.
Battleship 2k 10100 10k 100m 50k 250 3k 25 Large capital warship effective against most other ships.
Dreadnought 3k 10120 12k 160m 80k 300 4k 5 Very large capital warship very effective against large ships. Vulnerable to bombers and small craft.
Monolith 10k 10200 100k 500m 250k 500 50k 200 Gigantic capital ship very effective vs ground targets. Enormous hit points.
Fortification 10 04 250 50k 25 20 0 0 Basic ground defenses designed to draw fire and protect other units.
Rail Gun 25 01 200 250k 125 30 0 0 Large gun emplacement effective vs tanks and battlesuits.
Missile Turret 25 01 200 300k 150 30 0 0 Versatile missile launcher effective vs air targets and soft ground targets.
Ion Cannon 50 02 200 500k 250 40 0 0 Large cannon effective vs large ships only. Vulnerable to ground forces.
Shields 50 04 200 100k 50 40 0 0 Protects against and draws fire from ship bombardment. Has no attack value.
Military Base 50 02 500 100k 40 40 0 0 Builds ground units. Has limited combat ability.
Shipyard 50 02 600 150k 50 50 0 0 Builds ships. Has limited combat ability.
Mobile Fortress 250 010 2.5k 10m 5000 20 0 0 Skyscraper-sized walking firebases. The mobile fortress is confined to the city they were created and act as formidable defenses.
Hypernet Tower 50 02 1k 10m 1000 100 0 0 Obelisk shaped tower which acts a central hub for Hypernet communications and worker drone control across the entire city, lowering production costs throughout.
Arcology 80 04 2k 10m 1000 100 0 0 A very large self-enclosed mega-skyscraper that contains everything a human being could ever need. Archologies can span several city blocks and their presence provides a city-wide boost to population growth.
Warp Gate 100 04 25k 100m 10k 50 0 0 Orbital Megastructure. Allows ships to boost their movement speed 1x-100x faster for one movement destination as a cost.
Starbase 500 05 60k 100m 15k 50 0 0 Orbital Megastructure. Acts as a shipyard and and gives all your units on the planet an attack bonus.
Orbital Guns 250 04 20k 100m 12k 100 0 0 Orbital kinetic guns designed for supporting battles on the planet surface but can defend themselves as well.
Spaceport 100 05 30k 100m 10k 50 0 0 Orbital Megastructure. Produces a small percentage of all Sells on the planet to the owner. Also gives small bonus production bonus to all structures on planet.

There are dozens of special units in the game. They are usually aquired from a Mysterious Event or Quest of some kind. Some are pureley NPC Units. They "Attack As" another basic unit but usually have a combat multiplier and increased stats (i.e. "Attacks As" Fighter at x4 power). This is a grid showing info on all special units in the game:

 Unit TypeAttack AsAtkXMoveSizeHitsCostUpkCTimeCargoHangarFSpaDetails
GroupGroup1.0000 0 0 0 0 0 0 A group of ground units
FleetFleet1.0000 0 0 0 0 0 0 A fleet of ships
TerminatorsInfantry1.5011 150 56k 14 30 0 0 A group of cyborg soldiers with powerful weaponry. Versatile on the ground against soft targets.
Heroic InfantryInfantry2.0011 125 62k 15 30 20 0 An elite group of soldiers led by a heroic commander with customized equipment and superior skill. Versatile on the ground against soft targets.
Elite CommandosCommando2.0011 125 75k 18 25 0 0 An Elite squad of commandos with vast experience and skill. Armed with cutting edge infilitration technology and weapons.
Cyber AssasinsCommando1.5011 150 67k 16 25 0 0 Cybernized assasins designed to infiltrate and destroy structures with incredible efficiency.
MercenariesMechanized2.0031 200 300k 75 30 100 0 Seasoned mercenary soldiers with customized vehicles and illegal weaponry. Very effective at wiping out infantry.
XenoraptorsMechanized2.5021 100 225k 56 30 0 0 A pack of inteligent and deadly alien predatory creatures. Geneticaly modified for obedience and lethality. Very effective against infantry.
Neo TankArmored1.5032 600 450k 112 35 0 0 Experimental Tanks with innovative weaponry and highly effective shield systems. Very durable and efficient but vulnerable to air attacks.
GunsuitBattlesuit2.5031 250 525k 131 50 0 0 Mechanized battlesuits using neural pilot interfaces and experimental weaponry. Very Effective vs most other ground units and aircraft. Can fight is space.
AI BattlemechsBattlesuit2.0012 400 700k 175 40 0 0 Large Artificial intelligence controlled Battlesuits. Carry a variety of powerful weapons which they deploy with deadly accuracy.
Ion GunArtillery3.0031 120 900k 225 35 0 0 Smaller version of Ion Cannons that defend vs ships but with homing abilities. Very effective against ground targets and large ships but very vulnerable.
Ace FighterFighter3.0061 120 1.8m 437 50 0 0 Highly experienced ace fighters effective vs most soft targets and can fight in space.
MAK DronesFighter2.0051 100 1m 250 50 0 0 Small robotic combat drones which swarm en masse and are difficult to destroy.
Heavy BomberBomber3.0051 150 2.2m 562 50 0 0 Heavy versions of normal bombers with devastating weapons. Very effective vs ground targets and large ships. Vulnerable to fighters.
Modified VaritekVaritek3.0061 125 2.8m 703 60 0 0 Powerful modified version of transforming Fighters which are nearly as effective as Battlesuits. Counters regular fighters.
Combat InterceptorScout3.002220 200 1m 250 37 100 1 A powerful cuting edge superfighter with the latest weaponry and shield technologies. Effetive against most targets.
Zenith HypercraftScout1.503220 150 562k 140 37 250 1 A more powerful scout craft with a hyper advanced propulsion system providing the highest speeds ever seen.
Duranium WarbirdScout1.002020 600 1m 250 37 250 1 A combat scout craft armored in a rare Duranium Alloy giving it an impressive durability at the cost of not having any extra speed.
Scout WingScout10.0020160 1.5k 2m 1k 200 5k 10 Small and fast courier ship. Limited combat ability. Squadron of 10 ships.
AI HyperfighterScout2.502520 200 875k 218 37 100 0 Artificial intelligence controlled hyperfighter. Very accurate, fast, and maneuverable but with limited firepower.
SparrowScout1.002020 150 250k 125 25 500 1 A customized version of a Scout with random attribute levels that can exceed level 10 but cannot be upgraded.
GunshipCorvette1.001630 250 500k 250 30 250 0 A customized version of a Corvette with random attribute levels that can exceed level 10 but cannot be upgraded.
AI ReapercraftCorvette2.502030 300 1.5m 375 45 200 0 Artificial intelligence controlled warship. Incredibly accurate, fast, and maneuverable with powerful but small weaponry.
Corvette WingCorvette10.0016240 2.5k 4m 2k 240 5k 0 Small and fast warship. Effective vs other small targets. Squadron of 10 ships.
MAK GunshipCorvette2.001830 1k 2m 500 45 250 0 Artificial intelligence controlled warship allegedly created by the The Machines, or MAK, alien race. Incredibly accurate, fast, and with incredible shield and regenerative defenses.
Space TrainFreighter1.001260 1k 2m 500 60 15k 0 Long cargo train that uses gravity controls to keep train stable during movement. Hauls an immense amount of cargo. Vulnerable in combat but large and can take a beating.
Warp FreighterFreighter1.001550 1k 1.5m 375 50 10k 0 Large freighter of unknown origin which uses advanced warp technologies for speed and defense. Designed to carry a lot of cargo very quickly. Vulnerable in combat.
Freighter WingFreighter10.0010400 5k 4m 2k 320 50k 0 Large freighter designed to carry a lot of cargo. Vulnerable in combat. Squadron of 10 ships.
RunnerFreighter1.001050 500 500k 250 40 5k 0 A customized version of a Freighter with random attribute levels that can exceed level 10 but cannot be upgraded.
GalleonFrigate1.001540 1.2k 4m 2k 40 3k 5 A customized version of a Frigate with random attribute levels that can exceed level 10 but cannot be upgraded.
Warp FrigateFrigate1.002240 1.2k 12m 3k 60 6k 10 A Large lightly armed warship with large cargo bay of unknown origin. Uses warp technology to move very fast.
Frigate WingFrigate10.0015320 12k 32m 16k 320 30k 50 Large lightly armed warship with large cargo bay. Squadron of 10 ships.
PrivateerFrigate3.001840 2k 16m 4k 60 3.2k 5 A dangerously overmodified and expensive to maintain Frigate crewed by seasoned merchants with combat experience.
Destroyer WingDestroyer10.0015320 16k 64m 32k 400 10k 0 Medium warship very effective vs small craft. Counters fighters. Squadron of 10 ships.
Pirate MarauderDestroyer2.501640 1.4k 20m 5k 75 1k 0 Dangerously modified warship used by pirates and marauders very effective vs small craft. Counters fighters.
WarshipDestroyer1.001540 1.6k 8m 4k 50 1k 0 A customized version of a Destroyer with random attribute levels that can exceed level 10 but cannot be upgraded.
SupercarrierCarrier1.001260 2.4k 16m 8k 125 5k 100 A customized version of a Carrier with random attribute levels that can exceed level 10 but cannot be upgraded.
Warp CarrierCarrier1.001860 3k 36m 9k 200 10k 150 A Large ship for carrying other units and fighters of an unknown origin. Uses warp and dimensional technologies to move very fast and carry a lot of units. Limited combat ability.
Carrier WingCarrier10.0012480 24k 128m 64k 1000 5k 1000 Large ship for carrying other units and fighters. Limited combat ability. Squadron of 10 ships.
MAK CruiserCruiser2.001290 5k 100m 25k 250 2k 0 A Fast capital ship of the Machine race effective against most targets. Vulnerable to large capital ships.
Heavy CruiserCruiser1.001280 3k 25m 12k 150 2k 10 A customized version of a Cruiser with random attribute levels that can exceed level 10 but cannot be upgraded.
BattlestarBattleship1.0010100 10k 100m 50k 250 3k 25 A customized version of a Battleship with random attribute levels that can exceed level 10 but cannot be upgraded.
MAK BattleshipBattleship2.0010120 20k 400m 100k 500 3k 25 Large capital warship of the Machine race, effective against most other ships but relatively weak to mass fighters or bombers.
Pirate BattlecruiserBattleship2.0015100 8k 300m 75k 250 5k 25 A captured battleship repurposed for nefarious pirate activities. Stronger weapons, more cargo and speed at the cost of durability.
SupernovaDreadnought1.0010120 12k 160m 80k 300 4k 5 A customized version of a Dreadnought with random attribute levels that can exceed level 10 but cannot be upgraded.
LeviathanMonolith1.0010200 100k 500m 250k 500 50k 200 A customized version of a Monolith with random attribute levels that can exceed level 10 but cannot be upgraded.
MAK MothershipMonolith3.0020250 300k 2b 500k 250 20k 500 A large mother ship of The Machines. It has the characteristics of a Monolith with a large hangar capacity and acts as a mobile base for other MAK ships.
MAK DoomstarDreadnought25.00201000 4m 20b 5m 1000 100k 5000 A gargantuan mothership the size of a small city. Has incredible focused energy weapons and immense hangar capacity.
Kaiju GrisgaruArmored20.0014 10k 10m 10k 100 0 0 A giant Kaiju Monster
Kaiju DiamodanBattlesuit20.0013 7.5k 10m 10k 100 0 0 A Giant Monster arisen from underground. It is agile and spits plasma bile accurately and at long ranges. It has the combat characteristics of Battlesuits.
Kaiju AmahulukFighter20.0012 4k 10m 10k 100 0 0 A Giant Monster arisen from underground. This dragon like beast is fast, accurate and flies skillfully. It has the combat characteristics of Fighters.

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