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Barons of the Galaxy - In Development

Barons of the Galaxy has recently launched live on May 13th, 2017.

For more details on our development progress visit the Development Log section of our Forum

Future Development

  • Large Pirate Factions

Currently Working On

  • Large Faction based Events.
  • Political Reputation System

Items below have been implemented

August - 2017

  • Orbital Megastructures

July - 2017

  • Working on Megastructures
  • Custom Rulership Voting

June - 2017

  • Military Escort System
  • Rulership Charters
  • Strategic Orbits

May - 2017

  • Game launched May 13th 2017!
  • Bug Fixes
  • Stability Improvements

April - 2017

  • Final Beta Test.
  • Payment System through Paypal.
  • Optimizing pages, graphical improvements
  • Implement artwork for the remaining units.

March - 2017

  • Asteroids and mining resources on them.
  • Re-work of Sol System and Free Accounts.
  • Planning a 2nd Beta Test for April 1st

January/February - 2017

  • Performance overhaul of the UI
  • Implement artowrk for the remaining 20+ units.

December - 2016

  • Mysterious Artifacts Added. Puzzle quests which reward with special units.
  • Rework some of the UI, bug fixes and "Quality of Life" improvements to the game.
  • Added War Reparations and other events.
  • Implement artowrk for more units.

November - 2016

  • Distribution center structure to more easily sell multiple products in a city.
  • Load/Save Military Orders list.
  • Product Salvage for credits.
  • Asset Screen Modes to display different information in different ways.
  • Reduced Product Types for Farms/Ranches. Service products now go under a main building.
  • City Expansion rules have changed to promote more concentration in lesser cities.
  • Contracts to Sell Military Units

August - 2016

  • Artifact Item Deployment. Using artifacts to either boosts units, effect location or initiate events.
  • Open Beta Test going well. Preparing for Kickstarter Launch on August 8th, 2016.
  • More event ideas in the works.

July - 2016

  • Some changes to the buy/sell mechanics based on what we saw in Alpha Test
  • Artifact Item creation is in place. Deploying an artifact for a useful effect is being worked on now.
  • Open Beta Test Launched with over 100 new sign ups in a couple of days!

June - 2016

  • We had our server go down hard and it took a week to get antoher one back up. Luckily there was no loss of data and Alpha Test 3 went live.
  • Event System - More events have been added with different features to test such as voting, versions that are of Planetary and System wide scope and random flavor text
  • Design Artifacts system - Some groundwork for artifacts has been laid out, hopefully can try some of it within the month.

May - 2016

  • Event System - Only City ruler event actually implemented but system is mostly in place. Need to start adding events.
  • Design Artifacts system - Artificats is a special resource which can create special items, quests or units with unique abilities.
  • Alpha test of the game being played all month. Last major overhaul and Alpha 3 launching May 29th 2016.

April - 2016

  • Event System - Random interactive events system with branching scenarios that can be voted on.
  • Galaxy expansion system - As nearby stars are populated by players, more of them nearby become available.
  • Launching an Alpha test of the game planned for April 10th 2016

March - 2016

  • Contracts - Reworked contract system somewhat. Working well now.
  • Comms Tab - Communications system works like mini forum with channels for different systems.
  • Cleanup system - Most of the site has had a once over for obvious problem. Database optimizations made
  • Game system and restart scripts make the game ready for Alpha testing!

February - 2016

  • Kickstarter Campaign Unsuccessful. Will try again possibly May, 2016!
  • Combat features
  • Units can "Raid" for products as opposed to attack to destroy
  • Damaged Units are less effective in combat
  • Attacking costs +20% of units normal upkeep
  • Battles in cities cause population damage
  • Sol System populated by default. Terran Federation units spawn automaticaly.

January - 2016

  • Kickstarter Campaign - Put together a video and kickstarter page planned for February 8th, 2016!

December - 2015

  • Titles System - Titles for top 3 players in every industry, Military and government by City, Planet and System.
  • Combat Groups - Combining several units into a single "Group" and giving orders to that group just like a single unit.

November - 2015

  • Combat system - "Orders" page, Combat UI, Database implementation
  • Guild System - Guild inerface, Combat implementation

October - 2015

  • Upgrade System - Upgrade your Corporate HQ and apply effects to all structures
  • Planet and graphic reworks.

September - 2015

  • Trade contracts between corporations
  • Tutorial page.

August - 2015

  • The front end of the website is fully functional. Soft launch website.

June - 2015

  • The game is more than half finished.
  • Many parts are fully functional and part of the current development is actually playing the game.
  • Starting a corporation, building structures, moving untis around, mining/buying/selling resources and other products is all working.
  • The Overview, Viewscreen, Assets and Corporate tab are functional.

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