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Subscription Information

Group Icon $5 One Month Subscription
Group Icon $30 12 Months Subscription
Pay Icon $40 Accelerated Start I
Pay Icon12 Months Subscription Added
Pay IconIncrease credits to 50 Million
Pay IconCorporation Increased to Level 3
Group Icon $60 Accelerated Start II
Pay Icon18 Months Subscription Added
Pay IconIncrease credits to 100 Million
Pay IconCorporation Increased to Level 5
Group Icon $90 Accelerated Start III
Pay Icon24 Months Subscription Added
Pay IconIncrease credits to 500 Million
Pay IconCorporation Increased to Level 8

Subscription Details

Barons of the Galaxy is free to play but also has paid subscription accounts which enable some advanced gameplay. There are no pay to win microtransactions or item stores, only paid accounts and a one time accelerated start option. Details are explained below.

Free Account Limitations

  • Your Corporate Headquarters must remain somewhere inside the planet Earth in the Sol System, however you can build other structures anywhere in the galaxy without restriction. Building far away from your Corp HQ will take a little longer due to travel time and the small bonus given to strucutres near your Corp HQ will not be available.
  • Your Corporation will not be eligible to become elected to a government position ruling a City, Planet or Star System.
  • You will not be able to participate in voting for some the events that have a public voting element. Personal quest events which have selections are an exception.
  • The time your account can reamin active without the player logging in is 15 days. After which your corporations assets will be liquidated to credits. After 30 days an inactive corporation will be removed entirely. Paid accounts will remain as long as they are being paid.
  • Some convienence features such as email notifications may not be available to free accounts.

Paid Subscription

  • You may pay $5 for one months subscription or $30 for an additional 12 months subscription at any time as often as you like.
  • While under paid account status you will be get the benefit of re-locating your Corporate HQ to any city in the galaxy.
  • Your corporation is eligible to be elected as a ruler of a city, emperor of a planet or star lord of an entire star system.
  • You can participate in any public voting events which would normally apply to your Corporation.
  • A paid account also enables your Political Score which is based on titles you hold. Your Political Score increases your maximum logistics and will have some advantages in voting.
  • If you choose to no longer pay for subscription your Corporate HQ will be removed and need to be placed back inside planet Earth for free. There are no other penalties.

Accelerated Start

  • Only one accelerated start may be purchased per account. You cannot stack or purchase multiple accelerated starts on the same account.
  • Once your Corporation reaches level 3, 50 million credits, or has been active for 30 days, you will no longer be able to purchase any accelerated start option.
  • These options are similar to paying for a full years subscription but also provide your corporation with a higher level Corporate Headquarters and starting money instantly.
  • These bonuses (with the exception of the subscription time) do not ADD on top of your current corporate level and credits, they increase your current level and credits TO the indicated amount. The subscription time IS added if you already had a paid account.
  • You can purchase an Accelerated Start before you create your Corporation. The bonuses are linked to your account and will be applied when you actualy create your Corporation.

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