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Terms of Use

When you sign up and play Barons of the Galaxy (BotG for short), you are acknowledging that you have read and accept the terms and conditions outlined on our site.

Users who do not comply with this agreement, can have the accounts blocked, deleted or suffer other type of game penalty the game administration considers appropriate.

  • Barons of the Galaxy reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this site at any time.
  • We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone.
  • Inappropriate behavior in the Barons of the Galaxy chat, forum or any other part of the website may result in account suspension or ban. This includes verbal harrassment against other players or staff.
  • Users must do nothing that interferes with the ability of other Barons of the Galaxy members to enjoy playing the game in accordance with its rules, or that increases our expense or difficulty in maintaining the service.
  • Posting content in any form including uploaded images which are illegal, pornographic, sexual, nude or semi-nude, offensive or commercial is prohibited. Such content will be removed by BotG staff when notified and further abuse will result is account deletion.
  • It is prohibited to load any sites of Barons of the Galaxy with any other programs than web browsers. As is forbidden to use tools that simulate or change the web interface. The same applies to scripts that load or read site pages (making actions or collecting data). Is prohibited to use auto-refresh functions, tools to open or refresh several pages simultaneously and other browser integrated mechanisms of this nature. Any action by your account that causes unreasonable strain on the website is subject to account deletion.
  • Any exploitation of a weakness or a bug of the game or in one of our systems is forbidden. Sharing these exploits with other players is also forbidden. Users are required to report bugs or exploits to Barons of the Galaxy staff.
  • Any attempt to access our servers, protected or coded data, any hacking, is forbidden. Decompilation or reverse engineering of our game is also forbidden.
  • Payments made to Barons of the Galaxy are membership fees, only valid to that specific account, and are non-refundable and non-transferable. Charge-backs are grounds for account deletion.
  • It is the user responsibility to have a strong and complex password and to keep it safe and for themself only. If the user fail this, or the security of the user computer was compromised, we will not take responsibility for the consequences of anyone accessing the user account.
  • To help maintain the stability of the site, free accounts can be deleted if members don’t login in a period of 15 days.
  • We encourage users to promote Barons of the Galaxy. However, employing any of the following methods of promotion is forbidden: spam, bulk mail, bulk forum postings, pop-up ads, pop-under ads, and unsolicited instant messages.

  • We cannot be held responsible for unforeseen or uncontrollable events involving member participation, technical issues, problems with our reserve fund, or legislation. Events of this nature may occur and make it necessary to close the site.
  • We are not liable in any way for server breakdown, faulty programming etc. The occurrence of any disadvantages for a user resulting from server breakdowns, faulty programming etc. does not entitle the user to claim the recovery of his account.
  • Due to privacy reasons, complains and inquiries regarding particular accounts shall be disclosed only to their owners.
  • It is forbidden to impersonate other players or BotG staff.
  • Barons of the Galaxy only ensures game support in English. The offering of such support in any other language at any given time is an act of courtesy and can be terminated at any time by Barons of the Galaxy.
  • All accounts, including all items in thier accounts, are virtual objects of the game. The user does not obtain ownership or any other rights to any data pertaining to Barons of the Galaxy. All rights are reserved by Barons of the Galaxy. No rights, in particular no exploitation rights, are assigned to the user. We reserve the right to restart the game if we deem it necessary.
  • We are not liable for any damages caused by the use of Barons of the Galaxy.
  • We remind users that excessive participation in computer games involves the risk of serious personal injury.
  • Barons of the Galaxy does not assume any responsibility for external links content. The authors of those external web pages are the responsible for those contents.
  • Barons of the Galaxy is a dynamic game. New features and changes of any kind can be made on the game at any time.
  • It is not our intention to break any laws. If you participate, it is up to you to check the laws applicable in your area.

Multiple Accounts and Abuse

The game is designed to be played by one person per account but it is not against to rules to have multiple accounts, it is however against the rules to ABUSE multiple accounts. Having more than 3 accounts for yourself is considered abuse!. If your accounts are all playing normally and not suiciding to benefit or exploit another you are probably ok, but blatant 3 account coordinated military attacks against another player is not. Keep your extra accounts passive and seperated. Below are some examples of what is acceptable and what is considered abuse. If you are abusing your accounts you will be warned and we'll work with you to reconcile the situation but we reserve to right to simply suspend or delete all your accounts if you're being uncooperative.

  • Acceptale forms of Multi Accounting
    • You and your friends/spouse in the same house.
    • Multiple corporations in different parts of the game galaxy playing normally.
    • Multiple corporations working/trading together for mutual benefit (not suicidal).
  • Abusive forms of Multi Accounting
    • Having more than 3 consistent accounts for yourself.
    • Making repeated new accounts to get the tutorial money into your main account.
    • Suiciding one account to benefit or shield another whether that is militarily (suicide attack before your main goes in), financialy (One corp simply feeding money to another) or through manipulation of the market (selling down a product so another can buy it cheap) .
    • Camping a corproation to sell/buy and destroy a makrket price.
    • Suicide over-production at a location to simply cause massive overcrowding at a resource, especialy as an "attack" on other players.
    • Impersonating different people through different accounts to manipulate the things like the Comms channel or other players.
    • Using another account to hide your main account while you do something hostile like trade a huge fleet to attack with or drop an AI Supervirus.
    • Coordinated military assaults or suicide defenses between accounts, especialy against other players.
    • Making "burner" or "slave" accounts for just about any reason.

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